About real interior nz

When making an investment in building your dream home, renovating or designing your new space, Real Interior is here to assist you in every possible way.

18738413_660603090797140_7475769650774931494_oOur team of highly skilled designers create quality custom made spaces from design through to installation. Our services have evolved to include every stage of the process. We focus on listening to your needs then assist you to bring your visions alive while maintaining the connection to your lifestyle, creating beautiful and functional spaces to enhance your way of life.
We pride ourselves on our ability to match designs to customer's needs, either contemporary or traditional. We keep up with compliance requirements and market trends, new materials and technology, from home automation, bathroom materials to cabinet hardware such as soft closing or electronic touch-control drawers, as well as trends in colours and textures from NZ, the pacific and around the world. Our background in Kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes and interior design plus installation and project management, allows us to overcome technical challenges and to understand how design concepts can be achieved in an effective manner.