Some feedback from our Clients:


  • Hi Darrell, We are very grateful to you for all the help you gave us with the bathroom. The tradesmen you arranged were all great, and you were really helpful with organizing them so that they weren't all trying to work at the same time but followed each other in a sensible progression. You gave great advice on how we could get the best result, from advising Richard to completely remove the ceiling framing and start again on the ceiling to advising about the shower walls, and many other small and large matters. We have ended up with a bathroom that we love, and that is working really well for us. Thank you very much. We are very happy with the amount you have charged us and consider your help was very good value. Best wishes, Mark and Mimi.
  • Darrell and Alexia from Real Interior NZ were fantastic throughout the entire process of our renovation, kitchen design and installation.  Alexia was amazing at knowing exactly what theme/style of kitchen we wanted from my basic description and a couple of Pinterest pics and translated that impeccably into the design which was then bought to life by the rest of the team.  Any budget concerns, alterations or additions were taken care of and didn’t seem to ever be an issue, the outcome is better than we expected and we love  the result.  We absolutely recommend to all. - Alex.
  • Hi Gabi, The final invoice has been paid.  The wardrobe looks fantastic. Thanks for your help and great team work. We will definitely come back the service was fabulous. Cheers Rosalee

  • Hi Theresa, Thanks for that. We also wanted to take this opportunity to say that we were really pleased and delighted with the whole process. Alexia has been really helpful and attentive at all times and we are looking forward to seeing our kitchen design come to life!! Many thanks, Lee