Where do I start?   How long will it take?   How much will it cost?   Do I need a permit?   Do I need to find my own builders, tilers, plumbers, electricians and other experts?  Can I stay in the house whilst all the work is being done?  How will I cope with all these people in my home?
Are you stressed before you even start? Come visit us, or call and make an appointment so that we can come and see you, to understand your ideas, hopes and dreams.

When making an investment in building your dream home, renovating or designing your new space, Real Interior is here to assist you in every possible way. Our team of highly skilled designers create quality custom made spaces from design through to installation.

Our services have evolved to include every stage of the process. We focus on listening to your needs then assist you to bring your visions alive while maintaining the connection to your lifestyle, creating beautiful and functional spaces to enhance your way of life.